SECOND DAY IN LONDON – But the Olympic celebrations were not yet over.

At least until he did not know Bolt disco, ending up in the bed of the sample to the Olympic Village, where, however, Bolt would have arrived “drunk at 7 am, along with Duarte and two other friends”, as revealed by an anonymous source Globo. SECOND DAY IN LONDON – But the Olympic celebrations were not yet over.

Only that instead of attending the closing ceremony of the Games (which was still awaited), Bolt has preferred to jump on a plane and fly to London, where it landed Monday afternoon directly from Rio, ready to do it again partying until 4:30 in the morning, this once the Cirque Le Soir, where among other things is at home. He avoided the closing Olympic ceremony because he wanted to celebrate with his family of Cirque de Soleil as confirmed by the 23 year-old Yvett, the local waitress, the Daily Mail – and when we gave him the microphone, he told the audience that two days before it was his birthday and so from 1 to 3 am all continued to offer him a drink. ” KASI REMAINS SOCIAL – Apparently the lesson (social photo) taken in Rio is served because, again to heed Yvett, on this occasion, Bolt would have preferred the company of male friends, even though he was surrounded by a slew of beautiful women who were trying to get his attention anyway.

Probably because he knows he has already too many things to be forgiven by Kasi Bennett, indicated surprise as Christine Bolt-Hylton, older sister sprinter as his girlfriend, and that for now is limited to remind Bolt of his presence with a sexy video Twitter and clicks more water and soap on Instagram. Simona Marchetti

March 7, 2019 – Frankfurt (Germany) with the Škriniar Brozovic shoulders. Getty Well rearguard: the duo Škriniar-De Vrij not disappoint, zero goals conceded. Evil, however, Brozovic weighs the mistake from the spot, the Croatian below standard. top: the defense – Inter left Germany with no goals conceded, has done well Spalletti to field the central pair owner and to stimulate the eve in light of the latest releases less punctual than usual. Škriniar and De Vrij canceled Haller-Jovic, the most feared pair, even touching the goal (Škriniar heeled) and exhibiting a pair of manual payments (De Vrij).

It is Inter’s board of today and that of tomorrow, which will also add Godin: rest easy, at least in these parts. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV flop: Brozovic – should be on the spot after a secret meeting with Lautaro and Perisic, you catch the ball, but the execution is not precise and Trapp makes a great impression. Then the Croatian alternates good things to other less good, but in general is well below the seasonal performance standards: Cagliari after another negative output.

And in the final Brozo the incredible risks with a lost ball on the frontline that sends Eintracht shooting. From our correspondent David Wicks

February 4, 2019 – Milan A photo dell’Halftime Heat comes from Twitter While the New England Patriots were already masters of the Super Bowl, won 13-3 against the Los Angeles Rams, there was also a WWE wrestling event of the American Football important to the world. During the interval of the final of the National League they were challenged 6 Nxt nell’Halftime Heat samples in an Empty Arena Match, 20 years after the meeting between Mankind and The Rock who gave the second title of world champion at the Hardcore Legend.

Rhea Ripley translated ok LA CONTESA – In the match that entertained the audience during the Super Bowl, Velveteen Dream, Aleister Black and Ricochet have managed to overcome the team of Tommaso Ciampa (Nxt sample), Johnny Gargano (North American standard) and Adam Cole (leader dell’Undisputed Era). A sparkling contention and fast, as always happens in Nxt match, closed due to a Flying Elbow Drop Dream Adam Cole, formerly also hit by a Black Mass Black and a 450 Splash of Ricochet. Thus, the 53rd Super Bowl also gave space to entertainment Wwe. Giuseppe Di Giovanni

August 24, 2017 – Milan The successful arrival of Mo Farah in the 5000 AFP Black clouds, combined with a cold wind and moisture carrier is not a good omen for the first final of the Diamond League 2017 (the second stage in Brussels Saturday, September 1 ). But in these parts they do not shy away for so little. The audience is to the big events. Yet the show on the track seems assured.

Eventually check also a pale sun just started to play. Action. farah – Mo Farah closes its endless career on track (now await long gallops stradaiole in other corners of the world) with yet another victory. Five thousand meters course with bated breath. Always cautious, waiting for someone to take the initiative.

Nobody professional gambler moves, then 600 meters from the end is English of Somalia to take the plunge. It brings in the head, but with him another five engage the next gear. On the last lap it comes on the brawl. Everyone in the group, all determined to bite the loot.

A long sprint asphyxiant which finishes with four men enclosed in the infinitesimal space of 13 cents. Needless dip of Edris. The victory smiles to bi Olympic champion: 13’06 “05 in front of Chelimo (USA) and Edris (Eti) in 13’06” 09.

And the whole stadium pays an endless and well-deserved applause: “I wanted to win. And amazingly I won. But it was hard work. I will miss the runway, people, my fans.

I enjoyed racing in stadiums over the years, but now especially want to be with my family. ” that miller – The 200 women revive the global revenge. In London he prevailed Dafne Schippers in front of Ta Lou and Miller Uibo. In Zurich revenge it is served on a cold plate (17 degrees and 87% humidity).

The pale Dafne part as a cannonball but halfway straight out of fuel. It is inexorably forward Jamaican Thompson, but when he is already thinking of taking home the $ 50,000 prize check from the seventh lane storming the Bahamian Shaune Miller-Uibo: 21 “88 the final time trial, topped the national record. Second Thompson (22 “00) and third-Marie Josée Ta Lou (22” 09).

Only a fourth off Schippers (22 “36). “I thank God for this victory – the first words of Miller – I’m really happy, too bad it did not happen before. Today I just wanted to have fun but obviously I had some energy left. ” The slender gazelles Kenyan highlands, this time personified by Ruth Jebet (dressing, however, the jersey of Bahrain), washed with the world’s best performance of the season (8’55 “29) the insult at the World Cup, when two American” dared ” hit a double in the 3,000 steeplechase, their traditional hunting grounds.

It ends as always or almost when Jebet decides to leave for the other we have to look at. Resists only Beatrice Chepkoech. Eventually, though, she has to surrender (8’59 “84 and personal records). The rainbow stars and stripes Emma Coburn far ends: the fourth to nearly 15 seconds. “Great race – the comment of Jebet – I wanted to win and won. It was the best season.

Now I close this season. Next year there is a new opportunity. ” The Semenya dominated the 800, while three centimeters divide the Kazakh triple jumper Olga Rypakova, born Alekseyeva, gold at the London 2012 Games, the World Championships champion Yulimar Rojas (Venezuela). The challenge ends 14:55 to 14:52. Third uncomfortable Olympic champion Rio 2016 Caterine Ibarguen (14:48). Gimbo ko – In Tamberi platform also in the race dominated by the Qatar MUTAZ ESSA BARSHIM (2.36).

Gimbo ends sadly last, missing three attempts at 2.20, having given a spark of illusion thanks to 2:16 overcome the first trial. Opaque appearances of the other blue: Gloria Hooper is only fifth in the 100 (11 “65), Yadisledis Pedroso stops at 56” 15 (seventh) in the 400 hurdles. Unwatchable the relay fast (Grenot, Hooper, Paletta, Alloh): 44 “61, and sadly sixth. Closing with a parade of winners transported by cars “major sponsor” of the meeting. The public appreciates.

Nobody leaves his post. The lights go out and the stars shine in the stands. Daniele Perboni

October 16, 2018 – Milan Presentation ExCel London the new Huawei Mate20 Pro features three cameras on the back in addition to front by 24 MPs continued the run of Huawei now firmly on the podium in the smartphone market, and the launch of Pro Mate20 confirms the effectiveness of the work of the Chinese colossus present in over 170 countries. The new phablet (but it still makes sense to call them that?), Is distinguished by a further acceleration in the field of artificial intelligence, though still almost completely at the service of the photographic industry here is characterized by the presence of a triple rear camera still engineered Leica, centrally disposed along with the flash to form a sort of square, of which an ultra wide-angle and with a zoom function.